Getting started

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Hey there!

Thanks for giving Hoppa a try! Hoppa will turn your Notion page into help center. You can embed this help center in your app, or use it as a website. Hoppa will also give you insights about your help center by counting views and allowing users to rate pages, so you can improve them.

So, let's setup your help center!

First thing first, you should have Hoppa account. I believe you have it already, but if you don't, create it here:

Setup Notion page

The only thing you need is Notion page with all your articles included as subpages.

Read more about Notion pre-requisites here:

Notion pre-requisites

Your Notion page must be publicly available on the web so Hoppa can fetch it.

Add Notion's page URL to Hoppa

Copy your Notion page's link. You can do it by navigating to "Share" → "Copy link" (assuming you already make that page publicly available on web)

With link copied, go to Hoppa dashboard. You should see Welcome screen where you can paste the link to Notion' page.

After you paste the link, click "Next". Hoppa will fetch Notion page.

At this point you should have your help center ready.