Analytics FAQ

Statistics on subscribers from the day the page was connected

From all supported social networks, only Facebook, VK and Odnoklassniki provide statistics on subscribers (total number of subscribers, increase, decrease) for the period before the social network page is connected to the service.

In the case of other social networks, we collect statistics on subscribers from the day the page is connected.

How ERR is calculated

ERR (engagement rate by reach) for posts is calculated as the sum of reactions / reach * 100%:

(likes + comments + reposts) / reach * 100%

For Instagram, the repost metric is not available, but saves are used instead:

(likes + comments + saves) / reach * 100%

When calculating ERR for a period of time or for several posts, we divide all reactions by total reach:

(all likes + all comments + all reposts + all saves) / all reach * 100%

For example, if post 1 got 25 likes with a coverage of 100, and post 2 got 10 likes with an coverage of 50, then the ERR is calculated as follows

(25 + 10) / (100 + 50) * 100% = 23%

What is daily reach

Daily reach is the number of unique views of a page's posts. We calculate the amount of reach by day and show the total page reach for a period (week, month, year).

The reach for the week / month / year we will have a little more than the coverage for the same period in the social networks - social networks count people only once for the selected period.

For example, if one reader from Monday to Wednesday looked at one post on Facebook, the coverage every day will be 1. In our service, the coverage in 3 days will be 1 + 1 + 1 = 3. But since Facebook can understand that this is one person watched posts every day, the coverage for three days will be 1.

How post clicks are counted

Pur Social can count clicks in three different ways: using Google Analytics integration, using a link shortener, or using data from the social media itself.

If GA integration is enabled in the project and link counting is enabled through this integration, we will count clicks from there. In this case, a click is considered an entrance to the page.

If link shortening is enabled in the project, we will use the selected shortening service ( or to count the clicks.

If Google Analytics integration is not enabled and link shortening is not enabled, we will use click data from the social networks themselves. For all supported social networks, only Facebook, VK, Odnoklassniki and LinkedIn provide statistics on clicks.

How post types are determined

Text is a post without any attachments.

Carousel is an Instagram post that has several photos / videos.

Image - a post with one photo on Instagram or with a photo (one or more) to other social networks.

Video - a post with one video on Instagram or with a video (one or more) to other social networks.

Poll - post with a poll (in VK, Odnoklassniki or Telegram)

GIF - a post with a GIF.