How to create a post

To create a post press "Create Post" button at the bottom left.

Create Post button
Create Post button

Editor will open after pressing the button

Editor window with explanations
Editor window with explanations

1 - Connected Social Media

Connected Social Media are located in the first section. You can add more pages by pressing "+" button.

Here you can choose accounts to publish to. In order to choose where to post, just click on the desired page of the social network. You can choose as many accounts as you wish.

2 - Post Editor

Second section is an editor. Here you type, add images, videos, geotags.

To create a post type a text, add images or videos if needed. Also, you can add geotag by pressing the corresponding button.

3 - Publishing time

In the third section you can choose publishing time. By pressing the "Publish now" button the post will be published right after confirming publishing. Also, there is an option to choose desired date or nearest free slot for publishing.

Slot — a time in the schedule that can be changed.

4 - Adding the post to another social media

You can add a version of the post for another social media if needed. For example Twitter has a limit of 280 symbols per post while VK doesn't. So initially you have to write a post for a VK page, click "Customize post for other social networks" and edit the version for Twitter, considering the limit.

5 - Categories

Pur Social service maintains categories for more comfortable work. You can add up to 3 categories to one post if needed.

You can add to such post types as "Entertaining", "Educational" or "Promotional".