Instagram FAQ

Connecting Instagram to Pur Social

In order to connect Instagram to the Pur Social service, you have to follow these requirements:

  • Instagram page has to be a business page;

You can check this only in the Instagram mobile application. Go to your account settings from your phone (it won't work from a PC). Next is the Account section. Scroll down. Click on Switch Account Type. If the account has a business status, the options creator (author) and personal (personal) will be offered.

  • for the Facebook page to be a business page;

You can verify this like this: follow the link . If the Facebook page has a business status, Facebook Business Suite must be available to sign in, or you might be signed in already.

  • link your Instagram page to your FB page. This can be done on the page . Find the box titled “Get Started with Business Suite”:
    Get started with Business Suite
    Get started with Business Suite

    click on the “See all steps” button. In the menu that opens, click “Connect Instagram”.

Stories, Reels, Carousels

Instagram officially does not allow publishing Stories, Reels or Carousels using their API. Thus, Pur Ninja will not post these yet the API is published