Publishing carousels or stories using reminders

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Important! If you publish a post that contains only one photo or video, you do not have to use reminders. We will publish the post automatically to the social media.

Why is it needed

Pur Social is an app that works with Instagram using official API. For now, Instagram provides partial functionality for posting through API:

  • Publishing posts with one photo or video
  • Publishing only 25 posts on 1 account per 24 hours

Carousels, Stories and Reels are not supported.

You can use reminders to schedule Carousels or Stories from a desktop. Notification comes to Telegram. You should publish it by yourself on Instagram from Telegram.

Connect Telegram

Go to the profile settings by clicking on your name at the bottom left. Click the "Connect" button as shown on the screenshot below:

You will be redirected to the web version (it is important to be logged in to the correct account) of Telegram, to a chat with our bot. This bot will send reminders. Click on the "START" button. The bot will inform you that the account is linked to the service.

Publish post when Telegram reminder comes

Create a post, select an Instagram account and check the "Publish manually" checkbox. This is only relevant for carousels and stories.

At the desired time, we will send a reminder with a post to Telegram. The reminder will indicate to which account to publish, the photo (video) to publish and the text of the post.

Before publishing, make sure that you have selected the right account for publishing on Instagram. Open Telegram on your mobile phone. Copy the text of the post from Telegram.

Next, open the image. At the bottom left, click on the "Share with" icon, a window with contacts will appear. Then again on "Share" - the program selection will open. Select Instagram. It will open with the selected photo. Paste the text and click "Share". The post will be published.