The schedule is the main work space. There are all published and scheduled posts, as well as slots for posting content.

Schedule with planned posts
Schedule with planned posts

On the right is the Calendar. The week is highlighted in blue for which you want to see the scheduled posts. The days shaded darker are the days for which you have scheduled posts. The number under the day of the month means the number of posts scheduled (or already released) for that day.

You can see the posts that have already been published. To do this, select the days that have already passed in the calendar.

In the central area of the schedule there are cells - these are slots. A slot is a fixed time for posting content.

The slots contain posts. If the post is scheduled, then the entry "In queue" will be visible on it. If published, likes, comments and reposts will be shown.

You can open the published post on the social network by clicking on the icon of the desired account.

If you need to republish a post, hover over the post and click on the corresponding button in the lower left corner of the slot. The editor will open, with which you can make the publication again.

Posts can be edited or deleted by clicking on the post or the corresponding icon. Please note: if you delete a post from the service, it will not be deleted from the social network.

Editing Schedule

By default, we create several free slots every day. But it is not necessary to use them.

In order to customize the schedule for yourself, click "Schedule settings"→"Setup posting schedule".

The slot editing screen will open.

By clicking on the slot, you can change the posting time. Also, by hovering over a slot, you will see a cross icon that allows you to delete the slot.

After you have edited the schedule, you need to click the "Save" button, which is at the top. This will save the schedule so you can continue working.