What are UTM-tags

Image from&nbsp;<a class="" href="http://internet-marketolog.com/utm-metki/" target="_blank">http://internet-marketolog.com/utm-metki/</a>
Image from http://internet-marketolog.com/utm-metki/

UTM tags are parameters in a link that help track traffic sources.

Our service is able to add tags automatically. Thanks to this, you can analyze traffic in Google Analytics or Yandex Metrika and understand where customers are coming from. This way, you can literally count social media sales.

To enable automatic UTM-tags, go to the "Project Settings", open "Links Publishing" section,check the “Use UTM parameters” checkbox.

Enabling UTM parameters
Enabling UTM parameters

When you check the box, the parameters below will appear, which will be added to the links. You can edit them as you like.

Automatic UTM tagging enabled
Automatic UTM tagging enabled

In each column every line is customizable. It's not necessary to use all of the UTM parameters. For example, on the screenshot above, "UTM Campaign" will not be used.

Link shortening

Before shortening links, Pur Social will give them UTM tags if they are enabled for the project.

For instance, we need to shorten the link https://www.pur.social/blog?8c223203_page=1.

Before shortening the link, Pur Social will add UTM tags. We get: https://www.pur.social/blog?8c223203_page=1?utm_medium=social&utm_source=vk

Further, this link will be shortened through the link shortening service and then sent to the social network.

As a result, in your analytics, you will see where people came to this page and what they did.